The WGC Ambassadors Council consists of experts and mentors in their field and are all world-class leaders in their industry. They are today’s thought leaders whom operate with like-minded camaraderie and are active participants for positive progress and change. The Ambassador Council openly networks and shares their knowledge with our WGC members and Gateway participants.

WGC Ambassador Council members come from all walks of life and serve their communities nationally and globally. The Council covers subjects on human potential, leadership, sales and marketing, branding, business strategy and expansion, Business law and ethics to humanitarian issues, and physics and so much more.

WGC Council Ambassadors are eligible to speak at our international summits and WGC Gateway Programs.

The WGC is always looking for forward thinking leaders and if you wish to participate as an expert and either our national or international WGC Summits or the WGC Gateway Program click here for application.

Meet our WGC Ambassadors

Les Brown


Elle Febbo


Suzy Prudden


Lisa Haisha


D.C. Cordova


Michal Mael


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