Local chapters are intended to support the WGC mission of collaboration and service, and spread information about the programs, while supporting individuals and communities with what they need.



Atlanta, GA

Chapter President: Celeste Giordano

Celeste Giordano’s mission is to help business owners develop the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to “double-plus” their income and become effective and inspirational leaders in their fields. Whether it’s taking your successful business to the next level or starting a new venture, she will teach you the exact skills and strategies you need to enroll more quality prospects, build a rock-solid team, and break through obstacles to achieve real profit and lasting success. Celeste is a professional business growth specialist, a master sales strategist, and dynamic speaker with almost 40 years experience in direct sales and managing high-performing teams.

Celeste joined the Women of Global Change team because its mission reflected her passion for educating, empowering and encouraging young women and men in her community and abroad to succeed personally and professionally. She is proud to be an Advisory Board Member for The College and Career Academies – Central Gwinnett High School, a Sports Alumnae Mentor for students at Berry College and a Chapter President for Money Mastermind Women’s Club, which is committed to enabling women to be more financially literate. Celeste is passionate about creating new opportunities for empowerment and growth, particularly for the younger generation who hold the keys to a bright future. Serving as President for the Women of Global Change Atlanta chapter was a natural fit, and Celeste looks forward to creating new opportunities for empowerment and growth.



Chapter Vice President: Tracy Neal

Tracy R. Neal is a mom, entrepreneur, innovator and author. With more than 23 years of experience in corporate America, she has worked in various roles from a consultant at a global consulting firm to a lead position at a Fortune 100 beverage company. She has two companies, Tracy Neal & Company ( and TrustIntellect ( She also has a non-profit organization, focused on helping single parent entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on single mothers, start businesses from ideation to launch. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Emory University in Atlanta Ga., and a Masters of Science in Project Management from The George Washington University in Washington D.C. She currently resides in a suburb outside of Atlanta. She is an active member of On Board, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of females on Boards in the state of Georgia. In 2014, she was inducted into the National Association of Professional Women’s VIP Woman of the Year Circle 2014-2015. She is also a member and active contributor to the Harvard Business Review Discussion Group, a member of the Technology Association of Georgia, a member of StartUp Atlanta, Atlanta Chapter Vice President of Women of Global Change. She also owns 2 Copyrights and 5 Patents.


Baltimore, MD

Chapter President: Natalie Forest

Dr. Natalie Forest is National Executive Director of The Women Of Global Change and is Founder of Revolutionize Your Potential, a series of educational trainings for individuals and corporations across the globe. She engages leaders, corporate teams, and entrepreneurs to identify consistencies for their success. Dr. Natalie is a sought after speaker and has participated in numerous conferences, events, TV and radio shows across the nation. She is a proud member of CEO Space International, eWomen Network, Women Owned Business Club, the International Women’s Leadership Association. Natalie’s passion for positive progress in the world is self evident in her active participation in The Women Of Global Change, and the National Women’s Political Caucus.


Bay Area – CA

Chapter President: Marisa Hall

Marisa Hall is Key Account Manager at Piramal Life Sciences, Responsible for supporting the Head of Sales with the planning, organization and implementation of Sales, and closing new business in the Healthcare Market. Prior to joining Primal Life Sciences, she was Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of MiniCinema. In this role, Marisa was responsible for the development and implementation of Mini Cinema’s overall communications strategies, and lead the company’s media relations and Brand Management. She has more than 13 years’ experience of Sales, Marketing, and Event Planning. Having a positive global impact in her community is a driving force for Marisa. Woman of Global Change is a monumental part of that vision. She would like to continue to support and promote diversity for Women Leaders in her community.


Denver, CO

Chapter President: Melissa Tietz
CEO Melissa Tietz Consulting & Training

Melissa has always been devoted to teaching and helping people reach their full potential. She started her career in Kindergarten before shifting into coaching clients worldwide. She is a Certified Bob Proctor Consultant coaching the Thinking Into Results course.

Prior to coaching with Bob Proctor Melissa was the President of a global coaching company where she was instrumental in connecting business partnerships while coaching classes anywhere from 10 clients to over 800. She also is a contributor at Empower Coaching Network. From Colorado to Paris, she has spoken on stage and lead seminars on changing your life to attract what you want for many of her clients and fellow coaches. She has been featured on several different media outlets including Life Coach Radio. Melissa is currently co-authoring a breakthrough coaching book entitled “Take Your Leap” with contributors such as Jack Canfield, Marshall Goldsmith, and Mark Thompson.

She was the Dean of Student Instruction and Learning at her last position where she successfully instructed hundreds of coaches to obtain their Life Coaching Certification and oversaw the continuing results of her certified master coaches. She also instructs courses for the Global Information Network Success Club, coaches for I Take The Lead in Denver, and is the mom of two amazing children.

“I love to share my personal story to help inspire others to know that they can move forward daily. I encourage my clients to take what they dream about and make it real. I believe everyone can create the same type of momentum that I have learned to cultivate. It is about doing work on ourselves and feeling amazing from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.” Melissa’s expertise is helping others break old habits.

“I take the best of what I know and help my clients grow into something that is going to change their world.” Over the past several years Melissa’s success strategies have accelerated thousands of coaches and clients to achieve amazing results in their relationships, business, finances, family, and health. Whether partnering with her one-on-one clients or in her 6-month course, she helps them find their own greatness, remove the limiting beliefs that are holding them back, and develop the skills and strategies that are invaluable to changing their life.


Chapter President: Aleea Watson


Las Vegas, NV

Chapter President: Galit Ventura-Rozen

Galit Ventura-Rozen has been the owner of Commercial Professionals a commercial real estate brokerage for over 18 years. Galit has sold retail, industrial, and office properties and handles leasing and management. She is past president and current member of CREW (commercial real estate women of southern Nevada) since 2007, a Board member of The Shade Tree Women’s Shelter, a member of Friends of the Shade Tree since 2009, a Board member of the Women’s Philanthropy Council since 2010, and a committee member of Legacy X (anti-bullying organization).

Five years ago Galit started and currently runs three annual programs at The Shade Tree. They include the mother’s day and holiday shopping event where the children of shade tree shop from donated items to give to their mothers and the back to school event which gives over 100 children new backpacks, school supplies and school clothing. Galit has been on the committee for Girls Night out (the largest fundraiser for The Shade Tree) put on by The Friends of the Shade Tree since 2009 which has raised over a $1,000,000 to benefit the shelter. Galit has been named an unsung hero by the Las Vegas Sun in 2013, and has been a finalist in the Women of Distinction Awards by the National association of Women Business Owners. She is also a peer mentor for the LEED’S Program. Her passion is giving to others every day of her life in some way. Galit is completing her Master’s Degree in Therapy. Galit’s aspirations is to be a motivational speaker and therapist. Galit most treasures being called mother by her three children, who are 11, 15, and 18.


So Cal

Chapter President: Eldonna Fernandez

Eldonna Lewis Fernandez is a retired Air Force veteran with 23 years of honorable military service. She is a negotiation and contracts expert with over 30 years of leadership, contracts management and negotiation experience. She has negotiated contracts from $1 to over $100 million both stateside and internationally. She was deployed to the Middle East after 911 and has years of experience in foreign acquisition.

She is a subject matter expert in the Contracting Career Field and has developed and taught courses on Contract Claims, Negotiation and other aspects of Contracting. She was recently featured on Fox Business and has 7 years of extensive experience working for defense contractors in the Aerospace Industry. She has been a trusted agent of the U.S. Government for 30 years.

Eldonna is the CEO of Dynamic Vision International Inc a training and consulting firm. She specializes in training people how to think like a negotiator by creating win win results and understanding the pitfalls to avoid. She is an international award winning speaker and an award winning author.



Chapter Vice President: Marc Voss

Dr. Marc T. Voss began his university career at the age of twenty-two and teaches courses ranging from Germanic languages, culture, and linguistics to sociology, society and the environment, issues in national security, social movements, totalitarianism, and more. After graduating from UCLA with a double Bachelor and a Masters degree in 2010, Voss expanded his horizons beyond academia through several band projects and performed with top acts in venues throughout LA and Orange County. In between shows and concerts, he was simultaneously teaching and working towards his interdisciplinary Doctorate in history (2014). Also in 2010, Voss published a project called Preventing Auschwitz from Happening Again, which was advised by the late Dr. Wolfgang Nehring, Dr. Robert Kirsner, and Pulitzer Prize winning author and historian Dr. Saul Friedlander. Voss’ work was also featured in an article in the German magazine Die Welt for the German Auschwitz Memorial Day in 2011. In 2013, Voss, with the help of close friends, founded the Regimes Museum; a non profit 501(c)(3) museum, archive, and educational institution that, much like a Holocaust museum, focuses on and explores topics related to totalitarianism, warfare, dictatorships, and crimes against humanity. In addition to the museum, Voss became the founding editor and publisher of the R.M. Journal in 2014 and has contributed several academic articles as well. In March 2016, Voss published another book called Regimes of Twentieth-Century Germany. Outside of academia, Voss has been active in entertainment in several ways. He continues pursuing his musical endeavors as a drummer (currently, he serves as a session drummer for the band Forever Young; the oldest living professional entertainer and war veterans’ band in the country), served as an historical advisor and actor (for which he received a nomination for best performance in a lead role) in a foreign language NAU collaborative film project called Schwarz Weiss (2015), acted as a consultant to Now Hip Hop and became host to a show to help aspiring artists find their voice and escape poverty through self help. Voss was also a co-host to the EdutainMe Show and has since joined the Women of Global Change to broaden his humanitarian work.

Marc Voss

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